About Us

Hi! I am Jen and the owner/founder of Frankly Jen Boutique. I am a mother to two great, but wild children. I have been married for a hot minute to my high school sweetheart, Zach. I love to read and watch movies. We have two dogs, a rescue cattle dog  mix, and a German Shepard. You can say life can be a bit chaotic at times!

Years ago I had this brilliant idea that I should open up a store. Back then, boutiques were very expensive shops that had a lot of trinkets, so shop was the best word for it. I wanted to have clothing that was comfortable, trendy, beautiful, but above all made you feel great in your skin. As time went on, I put my dreams aside to have my kids. It was a wonderful, but challenging time. I had the hardest time finding items that would fit my new body, and made me feel good about my new shape. One day I went to a friend, and she gave me great advice. She said "Find one outfit that you feel good in. One outfit that you can wear out, and you will start to feel better". I took her advice and my self esteem started to come back. That is what I hope to do here at Frankly Jen Boutique. I hope I can find clothing that will bring back that spark that so many women lose over time. I would love to design my own clothing one day, but for now, I love being able to find you the latest, affordable clothing that is on the market! I would love to hear feedback, and what you are looking for as a buyer! This boutique was made for you!